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Life Awareness

Are you aware of your life?





Welcome, and thank you for visiting Life Awareness online. Life Awareness is a Christian ministry dedicated to the sole purpose of evangelism. We promote life awareness pertaining to eternal life. Please feel free to read more about our ministry on this site. We extend our greetings to you and we want to share our love for Jesus Christ with you.

Our Mission


Our mission is the great commission. That's right!!! We believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. Our mission is to be fully obedient to Jesus by obeying the great commission and going forth to preach the full unadultered gospel to every person worldwide. We strive to show the love of God to others at every opportunity.

Ministry List



* Evangelism Ministry - Preaching of

   the gospel worldwide. Please see

   our youtube channel to view our      evangelism encounters...


 * Our Youtube Link:


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